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Just like our great nation, the Springfield Chapter of the ILSSAR has chapter officers to share the responsibilities of the chapter to keep us open and honest as compatriots and continually challenging us to be better in all that we do both as a society but also as citizens.

Chapter Officers

President – Drew Robinson

Vice President – Stan Buckles

Secretary – Drew Robinson (Interim)

Treasurer – Stephen Bradley

Registrar – Lou Myers

Ast. Registrar – Stan Buckles

Chaplain – Stephen Bradley

Historian – Richard Moldenhauer

Chapter Committee chairs

Carrol C. Hall – Richard Moldenhauer

Color Guard – Bob Dennison

Eagle Scouts – George Tinkham

Flag Awards – Drew Robinson

Grave Marking – Co-Chairs Stephen Bradley & Karl Reed

Cemetery Marking – Toby Chamblin

Law Enforcement – Toby Chamberlain

Newsletter – Toby Chamberlain

Outstanding Citizenship – Larry Burgett

Veterans – Lou Myers

Marketing/Public Relations Outreach – Vacant